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Once you have your barbecue set up, you’re going to want to start grilling any and everything you can. But you can’t start until you have the proper accessories. There are some basic ones that every potential griller needs. There are also some handy ones that aren’t essential but can make your grilling experience even better.

The Basics

The first accessory you need is a decent grill brush to clean those racks after each grill session. There are basic models and then the fancier ones with extended ergonomic handles.

A set of tongs and a spatula are also necessary. These should have extra long handles to keep your hands away from the flames. A basting brush is needed to coat those meats and veggies with oil or sauces while they are on or off the grill.

To make sure you’re cooking your meat to the perfect temperature, a meat thermometer is a must. These also come in a few different styles. The basic models are inserted to test the temperature every so often and then removed immediately.

There are also remote thermometers, which use a metal probe that stays in the meat, letting you monitor the internal temperature throughout the whole cooking process, even from your living room couch.

Grilling gloves keep your hands protected from the flames while you cook. Most grilling gloves are flame resistant as well as heat proof. There are even waterproof, stainproof, and greaseproof pairs available.

And when the meat is cooked, the grill is cleaned, and it’s time to head in for the night, a grill cover can protect your barbecue from the elements, keeping it clean and free of rust.

Other Handy Accessories

A chimney starter is handy for those with a charcoal grill. It lets you get those briquettes nice and hot before you add them to your barbecue. And if done properly, you can even eliminate the need for lighter fluid by adding newspaper to the bottom for easy lighting.

If you have a gas grill, but still want to add that smoky flavor to your meals, a smoker box is the best option. You can fill it with your favorite wood chips and set it between the burners as you grill your meat.

Wood planks are another option for adding some of that woody flavor to your meal. They sit right on the barbecue instead of in the flames, with your meal placed right on top of them. These planks come in a variety of woods, so you can match the flavor to your meat.

A grill lamp can be attached right to the lid or the side of the barbecue, giving you ample light for cooking at night.

There are different sizes of grill baskets available for cooking fish, shrimp, and veggies right on the barbecue without worrying about any of them slipping through the spaces.

If you love burgers, a burger press lets you make the perfect uniform burger every time. If kabobs are your thing, you can get a package of disposable wood ones or buy metal reusable ones so you always have some on hand.

If you want to make some delicious ribs on the grill, a rib rack can help you do this, holding multiple racks at once. And a sheet pan can carry your meat to and from the grill.


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