BBQ & Fish – An Amazing Mix

Here we come with another BBQ variation and it is BBQ fish. You might be surprised to know that BBQ and fish make an amazing mix. Of course, grilling all kinds of meat including chicken, beef, pork, and lamb is delicious, but fish is great barbecued, too. If you are not much of a fish person, you should try barbecuing it. You will be pleasantly surprised. It is easy and quick to make, very juicy, rich in flavor, and does not need many ingredients to marinade. If you go out fishing, catch some trout, and plan to cook it, then barbecuing is an ideal option. Especially during the summer months, barbecuing fish can be your next outdoor feast.

Grilling a Fish

Many people think that fish is too delicate to be grilled. However, grilling fish is actually easier than grilling other meats. Just take your favorite cut, marinade it, and put it on the grill. Keep in your mind, however, that not all kinds of fish are suitable for grilling, since some have a delicate structure of bones. To have the best BBQ result, it is significantly based on the choice of fish. Below are some great choices of fish to grill. They are highly-recommended by chefs and cooks across the world to try at the comfort of your home for the next BBQ session.

One more thing, check how sturdy and firm the fish is before you put it on the grill. Flounder, sole, and tilapia are more delicate, so don’t cook them over an open flame or else the meat will fall apart. The fish choices below are all firm and sturdy enough to be grilled easily, even over an open flame.

  1. Swordfish

Swordfish has always been a favorite for grilling. It is firm, meaty, lean, and a mild-tasting fish that fits well on the grill. These fish are best to cook as steaks, or you can cut them up or skewer them; it’s totally up to you. It doesn’t break or fall apart, if you follow proper BBQ techniques. Try whipping up a marinade mixed with ingredients like soy sauce, garlic, and red wine vinegar. It is important to note that you should not marinate the swordfish for very long. If you marinate it too long, the fish will fall apart as you grill it. Furthermore, the fish will not taste as good either. A swordfish steak does not take very long to grill at all. Cook one side for about 5 minutes and then flip to the other side for 5 minutes more. After that, your swordfish should be ready to eat.

  1. Salmon

Salmon is one of the most popular choices among sea food lovers. You can cook salmon either as a fillet or steak. It beautifully withstands the grill heat, while retaining its distinct flavor and juiciness. Some people use cedar planks for grilling salmon, as it adds a unique flavor to the BBQ. First, you will need to decide what kind of salmon you want to grill. Some of the varieties include cocho, pink, king, and sockeye. All have different textures and flavors, so research and try these types of fishes before you BBQ a big platter. Next, you will need to decide what kind of rub to use to enhance the taste. Keep it simple and easy by making a rub with pepper, salt, an oil of our choosing, and lemons for a nice fresh taste.

  1. Tuna

Tuna is another popular and mainstream fish we use in our daily lives. It is best to cook it as a steak because the fish is thick, juicy, and has various flavors. Marinade it with an herb

seasoning and you will love the taste. Other recipes might simply call for olive oil, pepper, and salt. Each side of the fish only needs to be grilled for 2 to 3 minutes and then flipped over for the same amount of time. After the tuna is cooked thoroughly, let it rest for about 5 minutes before serving. This will make sure that the fish is not too hot to consume.

  1. Snapper

Snapper is a nice, mild, white fish and just great for grilling. Some people like to grill the whole fish, while others cook it as a fillet. There are a ton of recipes that can be researched online, but some ingredients that are used commonly with snapper fish includes mayonnaise, lime juice, BBQ sauce, cayenne pepper, and salt to name a few. This fish only needs to be grilled for 5 to 7 minutes, and usually, it does not need to be rotated or turned over. You will know that the snapper fish is done being grilled when the fish’s meat starts to flake off, it turns brown, and when you notice the fish bubbling, from the water within the fish starting to evaporate.

  1. Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi, also called a Dorado or dolphin fish, is another great option to try. It is full of flavor, and for a white fish, its firm body texture makes it ideal for grilling. This fish takes a longer time to grill than just about any other fish. Mahi Mahi might not be a common fish to eat, but it is one that should be purchased if it is available to you. Some ingredients that pair nicely with Mahi Mahi include pepper, garlic, lime zest, and cayenne pepper. In the end, you can expect this fish to be more on the fattening side, with over 800 calories when consumed.

So, there are a few fish options to consider when mixing fish and a BBQ together. Barbecuing fish is such a quick and easy way to make lunch or dinner.  Make sure once you have tried barbecuing these fish that you share your experience! There is nothing better than comparing notes on what worked when barbecuing fish and what did not. This way, you and others can steer clear of the bad recipes and frame the recipes that worked.

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