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BBQ Recipes: Jamie Oliver

There are those recipes that you know will always get the job done right. Whether you are going to throw a party in the garden or invite some friends to watch a football game, you know the right BBQ recipe to pull out for the occasion. Hopefully, you can relate with this. If you can’t, then read on. In the middle of your party table, arrange a feast of do-it-yourself dishes. You can have your guests make their own plates of food to bring as well. This is ultimate fun. However, if it is hard for you to think of BBQ recipes to enjoy with your family and friends, then be inspired by popular chef, Jamie Oliver, who is a British celebrity restaurateur and chef. His classical English cuisine has taken him on a journey to numerous television shows and restaurants. Jamie Oliver is especially famous for his straight and simple, yet amazing BBQ methods. His unique BBQ recipes encourage both novice and professional BBQ cooks to experiment with BBQ ingredients and meats. Though Jamie Oliver has a vast portfolio, along with different books written by him and a website run under his name, the following recipes are considered to be some of the top BBQ recipes he has ever created.

Jamie Oliver’s BBQ recipes are world-famous, and almost every day, he brings to life a new creation. Millions of BBQ lovers try his recipes and enrich their BBQ menu for their parties. A lot of restaurants are also following Jamie’s delicious and innovative recipes. If you are planning to learn BBQ cooking or throw the next BBQ party, start with these recipe, so you will enjoy the whole experience.

  1. The Ultimate Pork Tacos

The Ultimate Pork Tacos, by Jamie Oliver, are a magical combination of crunch, juiciness, creaminess, and zing. These amazing Mexican pork tacos are served with spicy black beans and a sharp-flavored avocado dip. Also, if people are looking for a little more flavor to add on top of the tacos, they can try creamy yogurt, as well as a chili sauce to add some spiciness. This recipe only needs 15 minutes to put everything together. Separate this goodness out, so all your guests get a bite.

  1. The Great Assam Duck

For a smoky tealeaf rub, Jamie’s recipe takes this crispy-skinned duck to an amazing level. You can serve this recipe with greens, rich and roasted vegetables, a caramelized sauce, and then let everybody eat. This dish is especially recommended for winters to keep your body warm. This creation has an Asian twist that makes this duck recipe exquisite. To make this recipe unique, it calls for Assam tea to liven up the entrée. A delicious gravy is served over the duck to make your mouth water accordingly. This recipe is enough for 6 people to eat. It takes about 2 hours to cook and about 15 minutes to prepare, which is not too bad for a fancy dish like this one.

  1. The Sizzling Chicken Fajitas

These spicy and scrumptious chicken fajitas have a next level flavor. This Mexican dinner is graced with a good combination of cumin-spiked beans, paprika-fired chicken, and a dark ancho-chili dip. The dip is more of a salsa that is prepared with ingredients such as limes, onions, a tomato, and soy sauce. As a last stroke of bliss, serve it with a spoonful of yogurt and fresh herbs. At just over 600 calories, this dish does not break your calorie bank and keeps you full for hours to come.

  1. The Spicy Falafel Wraps

BBQ recipes do not have to be all about meat. A BBQ can have vegetarian options as well. Falafels are great for a BBQ. Originally from the Netherlands, falafels are a great dish for all cultures. Cooking chickpea falafels your own way is very easy to do. The process does not need much time. For ultimate DIY falafel wraps, put chilies, garlic, blitz tomatoes, and lemon juice together into a punchy salsa. Also, mix cottage cheese with chili sauce and then serve with your falafel wraps. That’s it! It’s a delightful treat, especially for the vegetarians.

  1. The Epic Lamb Kebabs

These are by far the best kebabs you will ever eat. These Epic Lamb Kebabs are made from chargrilled Welsh lamb and served on homemade flatbread. By adding a sunshine salsa topping with a spoonful of yogurt and a chips, you will be amazed by the essence of this food. This is a great feast for any late night BBQ party. Up to 8 people can eat these kebabs, and the cooking process will not take you longer than an hour and a half. Lastly, if you do not cook often, you will not have to worry about this dish being too hard to make. Even the most novice of cooks can make these tasty kebabs.

  1. Blue Cheese & Apple Burger

This will be about the easiest barbecuing that you will ever do, when you make the Blue Cheese & Apple Burger. Serve 6 people easily with this simple recipe. This concoction calls for steak, mustard, lettuce, your choice of apples, and blue cheese, among other things, to change up a traditional classic. This might be the only way you prepare a burger, after you use this recipe.

Something More Interesting About Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s emphasis is on cooking fresh, nutritious food, as he created “Jamie’s Ministry of Food,” which is a television series where he travels to inspire people in Rotterdam, Yorkshire to cook nutritional meals. Another T.V. series that Jamie is in is called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” where he travels to Huntington, West Virginia and Los Angeles to transform the way Americans eat. Furthermore, he talks about their dependence on fast food. So, if you like Jamie Oliver’s recipes and enjoy watching his shows, then you will continually want to see what recipes he comes out with next to make you happy and healthy when eating good food.


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