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Entering a BBQ competition basics 101

All set to enter a BBQ competition? Here are some useful tips to help you compete successfully. Taken from the experiences of some great BBQ professionals who have competed in a range of BBQ competitions nationwide, and the popular tips of BBQ judges, these tips would be a useful source to make you and your BBQ team fully prepared for the big day.

Phase # 1 Plan- Plan & Plan

The first stage is to brainstorm your BBQ ideas to participate in the BBQ competition.  Planning is especially important if you are competing as a team.

Start with the background work. Take professional advice from relevant sources and ask about the tips and tricks. You may also visit the competition site to join discussion groups. There, you can also interact with BBQ chefs.

In addition, learn about the BBQ from different forums. Visit BBQ related popular blogs, forums, websites and read books that are based on competitive BBQ cooking. Make important notes and share with your team.

I have seen that many participants join BBQ associations well in advance before the BBQ competition. Many of these associations are authorized for such contests and prepare the participants according to the needs of specific BBQ competitions. The best way to learn about the BBQ competition is learning in a team. This is because teamwork offers diversified and precise skills.

Another factor to consider is your BBQ plan and funding. It is always advised to write down a detailed plan and responsibilities of each team member. Make a timeline for your proceedings, and decide what are your funding sources, what utensils and stuff are needed and who will do what. Always keep one or two team members just for the supporting functions since these functions surprisingly consume enough time.

Phase 2 # Making the Commitment

Give professional names to team members, such as chefs. If you are leading the team, you must be able to take quick and smart decisions. Usually, in the competitions, you don’t have enough time to take everyone’s suggestions. Also, try to clear all misunderstandings and confusions about the competition within a team.

Try to start with backyard contest. These BBQ contests are usually based on one kind of meat and require minimal investment to participate. You can also include volunteers in your team for cleaning cookers, washing dishes, wiping grills, removing trash and doing other related functions. The charity-oriented competitions bear huge attraction for social welfare volunteers.

Select the right grills, cookers and fresh meat to be used in the competition. The choice of the equipment and ingredients matters a lot.

Phase # 3 Time Management – The Action Plan

This is the last stage, yet the most important stage. It begins right with the first round of the competition. Usually, the competition format is announced in advance and the kind of BBQ it will be based on. Make an action plan in terms of responsibilities, a timeline for each step of the BBQ process and a backup plan for the emergency, if any.

So, these are some of the basics to enter the BBQ competition. If you are planning to be a part of the next BBQ contest in your state or town, it’s the high time to start working on your BBQ plan and team first and then move on to the later stages.


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