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Grilling Cheat Sheet

A great barbecue starts and ends with the meat. You may be in the mood for BBQ chicken that melts in your mouth or pulled pork that you can make a sandwich out of. Ribs are always a cornerstone of barbecues, but what about temperature, time, Indirect or direct heat?

Even the best of us can’t remember every temperature and time for the various cuts of meat we prepare for our friends and family. Look no further, this simple grilling cheat sheet has it all. Not only does it have the average times it also includes optimum temperature for food safety. The graphic covers all the most popular proteins (chicken, beef, pork, seafood) as well as vegetables, illustrating the precise cooking times and whether they should be over direct or indirect heat.

Before firingĀ up the grill have your meat temperature chart handy to delicious barbecue results every time.


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