Speed Keto 101 Challenge

Here’s a faster way to get to those incredible before and after results by making a slight tweak to the standard Keto diet…




Looking For Something Low Carb & Delicious To Eat? This 28-Day Speed Keto 101 Diet & Meal Plan Will Help You Lose Weight & Improve Health Without A Pang of Hunger.

Hi friend, my name is David

  • Did you know 161 million American adults are either obese or overweight?
  • Did you know millions suffer from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and dangerous levels of cholesterol?
  • Did you know according to a recent nationwide analysis of U.S. grocery purchases, processed foods make up more than 60% of the calories in the foods we buy.

Well It’s true!

Did you know every animal and creature on earth is genetically designed to exercise and eat a specific diet… that’s a perfect fit for their physical health?

Now if these animals suddenly replaced hunting with cheeseburgers, fries, milkshakes, processed junk and foods high in sugars and preservatives

…Guess what would happen?

They’d soon become riddled with disease… they’d keel  over… and… they would DIE!

Well, in the same way every animal on earth is genetically designed to eat a specific food source that’s
a perfect fit for their physical health…

… we humans are also genetically designed to eat a specific diet that’s a perfect fit for our physical health!

That specific diet is the KETO diet!

Five years ago, I was struck down with severe joint pain… at one time I thought I would never walk again!

Today I walk pain-free. Thank God!

But before I left one doctors appointment, the doctor cautioned me!

He Said “Since you took so long to recover, I suggest a full MRI scan and full cardiovascular health exam ASAP.

I did… and… it turns out I have a clean bill of health… except…

“You are setting yourself up for diabetes and vascular disease very soon!”

Yep! My doctor said “These X-rays I’m looking at are those of a chronic diabetic or 63 year old man, and you are neither!”


I felt I was a walking, talking heart attack waiting to happen. I was shocked. In fact, I couldn’t believe it.

Now to make a long story short, my intolerable joint pain… and my vascular issues… ultimately led me to the Speed Keto101 program… and… the Keto lifestyle
Needless to say, my joint pain disappeared like a cloud in the sky. So did the 18lbs of belly fat I was
carrying around my waistline. These incredible results happened without me having a single hunger pang or sugar craving — and without feeling deprived in any way.


Look, I found myself loving the Keto diet, and wanted to see results even faster. I know you probably want the same thing. That’s why I developed the “Speed Keto 101” solution — a 28-day plan to double or even triple your results while on Keto — while still eating delicious food and never feeling deprived.

The best part is, this works even if:

  • You’re completely new to Keto
  • You’re not completely sure which foods are Keto or not
  • You don’t have much time for to cook
  • You’ve tried Keto before and it didn’t work
  • You’ve stalled out on Keto
  • And it works even if you have a lot of weight to lose!

Speed Keto works whenever you want to accelerate your Keto results. It’s not for everyone, but if you really want to see results faster, I highly recommend Speed Keto:

Why Do People Start and Maintain a Keto Diet?
How Might You Benefit From a Leaner Healthy Body and Balanced Keto Diet?


Reason#1 Enjoy a healthier, more productive and happy life while balancing weight and diet as a natural, better response to crash diets,  supplement shakes and pills

Reason#2 Look younger with a natural path to a fit lean body while replacing fatigue, stress and tension with renewed life, vigour and energy

Reason#3: A Doctor has forced lifestyle and diet changes! Your weekend sports game has become a nightmare of injuries and constant aches and pains.

Obesity and depression are problems compounded by the fact that many people have a bad diet and lack any regular exercise – one that predominately consists of junk food, hamburgers, pizza, processed food and high sugar sodas. A simple change of diet reduces sugar and toxins in your blood, reduces excess fat and increases circulation while giving soothing relief from aching, tired  overworked joints and muscles

It’s hard to feel depressed when you are in a positive state of mind about losing having lost a large amount of weight in short space of time.  When you maintain a regular Keto diet, after a few weeks you’ll notice dramatic differences in many aspects of your life… from sleeping better at night to having more energy and zest for life during the day.

Here’s the deal: Give me a month and I’ll give you… a complete plan to lose 15, 25 or even 30 lbs with my lightning-fast Speed Ketosis weight loss challenge. Our Challenge includes popular recipes that are simple to make,  sinfully delicious strictly Keto and total less than 20 net carbs a day!

Here Is A Short List Of Everything You Get With The 28 Day Speed Keto 101 Challenge

  • Speed keto 101 complete quick start guide
  • 28 Days of mouthwatering recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks
  • 4 Weeks of a healthy balanced Keto meal plan of less than 20 net carbs per day!
  • Keto Shopping Lists
  • Complete keto food guide. What you can eat on keto (and what you cannot eat)
  • Speed Keto Calendar
  • Measured ingredients and simple, clear instructions for each recipe
  • Easy to prepare meals that allow you to lose weight safely without starving yourself!
  • Leaner fat burning body
  • Feeling fresh, energized and feeling fabulous is easy when you have it mapped out
  • Use your diet to speed up your body’s removal of wastes and toxins!
  • How to Enhance vital oxygen and nutrients to your body’s tissue

To help with your diet and health goals we are also giving you these bonus guides FREE:

  • 3 natural ways to release endorphins, replacing fatigue with renewed energy
  • Bonus gift, Free Guide: 101 Tips to holistic health and eating
  • Bonus gift: Free Guide: 25 natural herbs and spices used in every healthy diet. Bring exotic flavor and decadence to your meals while you rid your body of sugar, toxins and the constant aches and pains
  • Bonus gift: Simply delicious keto Barbecue Cookbook, a complete guide to easy keto barbecue
  • Bonus gift: 49 Irresistible Keto recipes & desserts

In Just 30 Days…

  • You’ll look years younger.
  • You won’t recognize yourself in the mirror.
  • You’ll have more energy than you’ve ever had.
  • And you’ll never be hungry again.
  • Get ready to get rid of all your excess body fat.
  • You’ll have the body you’ve always dreamed about.
  • Your blood work will stun your doctors.
  • And you’ll enjoy amazing levels of energy!

This is a digital copy for you to print out not a physical book. (That may come later and if it does I’ll let you know). The price for the Challenge is normally $97.95 for the keto 28 day meal plan. By ordering Today you’ll save money.

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We have set up a link to download and you can get it today, We have also added a fantastic bonus kit to sweeten the Keto pot.

But if you wait, you’ll not only pay more but you’ll also miss out on my two most popular recipes: Peri-peri barbecue chicken and sage infused pork tenderloin. The peri-peri chicken is so good, once tasted you’ll find it hard to break the fiery addiction. Just close your eyes while eating it and you’ll experience Taste heaven.

Remember. This is a pre-order for a digital copy only!

This is what happy clients say.

“These recipes are delicious, simple and easy to make, I had the family begging for more, and they didn’t know it was a keto recipe” Sherry Devon

“I have tried every diet and fad, only to come unstuck and put the weight back on. With these yummy recipes I am determined to stick to my diet” Lisa Wimble

“Frankly I was dragged kicking and screaming to a Keto seminar by my wife. I was wondering whether I would stay awake or die from imminent starvation. Truth is I’m happy to eat anything keto after tasting your Tandoori yoghurt chicken.” Shawn Collins

Here’s A Sneak Peek At Your 28 Day Meal Plan

1.  Simply delicious peri-peri  chicken

3. Calamari with Harissa Mayonnaise)

4. Crispy sage infused pork tenderloin

5. Spicy Mexican Scrambled Eggs

6. Durban Style “Bunny chow” Curry

7. Millionaires avocado boats

8. Filet Mignon with green pepper sauce

9. Thai style beef salad

10. Mediterranean smors board

In this Speed Keto 101  kit, you get our Simply delicious Speed Keto 101 book (value $49,95) all four how-to bonus guides (value $97,00 each) Free update to all new keto recipes and programs. (value $97,00) If you purchased these terrific products separately you could pay as much as $497.00 This Speed keto lifestyle kit regularly sells for $97 but through this special offer you are not going to pay anywhere near that! In fact, you can try it for $19.95

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Lose Weight and Improve Health with this 28 Day Speed keto 101 Meal Plan for Fat Fasts, Keto and Low-Carb Diets

Participating in the Challenge Is Easy…

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Since everything is delivered digitally, you can get started right away. Whether you start today or tomorrow, mark it in your calendar! Weigh yourself and write it down. Because you will be lighter 7 days from the day you start. That’s a guarantee. 🙂

David Leslie

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