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The 25 Best Places for Barbecue in the U.S.

Mmm the smell of barbeuce, the aroma wafting up from the grill makes me particularly woozy.  As it happens, I am smoking lamb ribs over a charcoal fire!

Barbecue (braai) in South Africa is like a national sport! Every weekend I would help my parents prepare marinades and rubs for the traditional Sunday get together with family and friends. Pretty soon the friends and community were literally begging me for my secrets.

I started getting more creative. Each year I would add another traditional dish to serve at the barbecue…  Fast forward 35 years we now help BBQ lovers combine smoke and flavor to get sinfully delicious, mouth-watering bbq every time you light up the fire! saving you time and money even if you are a rib smokin connoisseur or have a problem cooking a microwave meal!

Yes, delicious BBQ is an adventure and lifestyle. It’s also an art that needs to be crafted over time. But first before giving you some amazing recipes I want to gift you a copy of the book I promised. It’s really free. No strings attached and no fine print! Click the on the link below to get the book in our Facebook group  25 mouthwatering places to get barbecue that’ll make you a feel like you’re in Barbecue heaven!


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