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I’ve been thinking of starting an email newsletter and training program for you on the topic of everything BBQ and how to become a Grillmaster.

Thinking I’ll reveal all the tactics, strategies and BBQ101 techniques I’ve used to wow and delight guests around the world.

This newsletter and training would be a way for me to unload everything I’ve learned from celebrity chefs, friends, trial and error and devouring “everything BBQ” I could get my hands on. There is even some scrumptious delights mom taught me. I’d like to take you behind the scenes and reveal everything we do to make your BBQ’s an occasion fit for a king

This would include upcoming BBQ events, quick and easy meals, live interviews with competition winning masters, methods, preparation, spicing and marinades, compliments, sides and presentation. Plus loads more…

This would NOT be a free newsletter and training program. It would have to be a paid newsletter. I haven’t decided on the price yet. In fact, I haven’t even decided to do it yet.

This post is my way of measuring your interest in this education.

If you see the value in having me reveal all my most prized BBQ secrets once a week…

….. Type “Yes” below.


If I get enough responses, I’ll consider it. If not, I’ll forget all about it… and probably delete this post.


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