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If you’ve walked into a hardware store or home center in the summer, you’ve likely seen a row of grills shining under the fluorescent lights. And maybe you’ve seen a few Weber grills among them. But what makes the Weber models stand out from the crowd?

The History of Weber

In 1952, a man named George Stephen was hard at work at the Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago, Illinois. While studying the design of one of the metal buoys the company manufactured, he got an idea for a round cooking bowl with a dome-shaped lid. This led to the invention of the Original Kettle Grill.

These days, the company has expanded into gas, charcoal, electric, and even portable grills. These grills are now available in 70 countries, but despite this global market, they have still stuck to their American roots. All their grills are designed and engineered from their home base in Palatine, Illinois, with much of the assembly done in their home country.

Why Choose Weber Grills?

There are quite a few reasons to choose Weber grills over their competitors. The first is their fuel efficiency. The more fuel you use when grilling your favorite meals, the higher your costs will be. And the initial cost of a decent barbecue, like the Weber models, is high enough. That’s why Weber has put a lot of thought into the way their burners and valves work. These deliver the perfect input of BTUs to give you those high searing temperatures without wasting any of that precious fuel.

Another reason to choose a Weber is that they use welded frames, which means fewer fasteners to wear out and break, giving you a longer lasting barbecue. This also makes it much easier to assemble when you first bring it home. In fact, they claim their gas grills can be fully assembled in under an hour, thanks to their easy instructions.

Safety is another reason to pick a Weber grill. Every single one of the burners used on their gas grills are ignition-tested to ensure your safety. If the burner doesn’t pass, it doesn’t go in the box.

What Kind of Grills Does Weber Offer?

Weber has a variety of grill types and models to choose from, and which you choose depends on a few things. Do you like the smoky flavor of a charcoal grill, or do you prefer a gas model? And how much space do you have to work with? Will you be cooking for yourself or for a large family?

Here’s what Weber has to offer:

Gas Grills:

The gas grills range from 2 to 6 burners, with varying sizes that can fit into the small space of a patio or balcony or larger sizes for big backyards. There are even a few that can be built right into a backyard kitchen. They include:

  • Spirit II Series
  • Genesis II Series
  • Summit Series
  • Q Series

Charcoal Grills:

The charcoal grills also come in a variety of shapes and sizes for those cooking for themselves or for larger groups, including:

  • Original Kettle Series
  • Master-Touch Series
  • Performer Series
  • Summit Charcoal Series
  • Smokey Mountain Cooker Series
  • Ranch Series

Electric Grills:

There are for those who like to cook outdoors with a modern twist.

  • Q Electric Series

Portable Grills:

For road trips, camping trips, or picnics in the park, these little models are a great fit.

  • Smokey Joe Series
  • Go-Anywhere Series
  • Jumbo Joe Series
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