Why Americans Love BBQ Brisket

When people hear the words “BBQ brisket,” American people begin to get really, really excited. Why? This is because they start to think about the last time they had brisket, and their experience, more often than not, was delectable. Furthermore, these same individuals begin to think about all the fun they had at their last BBQ with family and friends. Having BBQ brisket makes a lot of things better in life. A lot of people believe this sentiment because brisket has actually passed ribs and pork as the most popular BBQ meat. Read these 6 reasons why Americans love brisket of the BBQ variety.

Reason #1: Competition

Americans love a good BBQ brisket because it creates competition among one another. First, off, everyone wants to have the best BBQ brisket in the neighborhood, at the local church, or at the local fair. By trying someone else’s BBQ brisket, people get an idea on where their recipe actually stands against other cooks. Furthermore, they get to try some BBQ brisket and enjoy the savory flavors of each bite, even if they can’t be unbiased.

Reason #2: The Passing to Generations

Another reason Americans like themselves BBQ brisket is because they can pass the recipe down generation after generation. People do that within a family setting because the recipe is too good to be lost with the grave. The meat tastes so amazing and the memories are so great that the passing of the torch if you will, is handed down. However, if people do not want to pass down their family recipe to someone, it has been said that they take out one of the most important ingredients in the recipe and give them everything else. It might seem like they give the full recipe when they have kept the secret to themselves. That might sound harsh, but BBQ brisket is no joke.

Reason #3: Easy Clean-Up

Cleaning up can be one of the most annoying jobs after any BBQ. With sauces, rubs, and juices scattered about, it can seem like the washing never ends. But, this process is not as tedious as you might believe if you have the right equipment. When grilling or using a fire pit, a grate that is coated with Teflon is your best bet. It cleans easily, making you ready for your next barbecuing experience. For added protection, spray the grate with cooking spray to limit the sticking even more. This will allow you to focus on the most important thing when it comes to BBQ brisket: eating.

Reason #4: Brisket is the Best Meat

Brisket is definitely the best part of the cow. Some might argue this point, but with the way it cooks, brisket stands above the rest. The meat is juicy and tender if cooked correctly. Cooking this meat low and slow is the best way to go. Before cooking the meat, wrap it in butcher paper to keep in all the juices of the brisket.

Reason #5: The Southern States Set the BBQ Standard

For Americans who love themselves some BBQ, there is no better place to consume some wonderful brisket than in the southern states. Alabama, for example, has the highest percentage of BBQ restaurants compared to any other state in the United States of America. To be specific, over 8% of Alabama restaurants are BBQ joints. Now, these restaurants are not McDonalds trying to fool everyone that a BBQ brisket sandwich comes in the form of a McRib. We are talking real, true, and authentic BBQ brisket eateries for people to enjoy. Oklahoma has the most BBQ establishments per capita. This calculates out to a BBQ restaurant for every 5,000 people in the Sooner state.

On the other hand, Texas has the most people who Google search for BBQ restaurants to make sure they pick just the right one. Texas is also known more for its BBQ brisket than just about any state across America. With the rise of social media, Facebook has played a key role in garnering interest in BBQ as well. Alabama has the most interested persons on Facebook when it comes to BBQ. With so many people loving BBQ in the south, it is no wonder that the top 10 states are all southern and have the best BBQ brisket around. You may have heard of the Bible-Belt, but there is also the “Barbecue Belt.” These states include:

1 – Alabama

2 – Oklahoma

3 – Missouri

4 – Texas

5 – Tennessee

6 – Georgia

7 – Arkansas

8 – Kansas

9 – North Carolina

10 – South Carolina

Reason #6: BBQ Brisket Recipes Galore

There are so many types of BBQ brisket recipes out there at your disposal these days. Whether they are on the Internet, at a book store, from a library, or from your neighbor, you have choices for days. But, let’s give you a few to consider. First and foremost, look up a Texas-style BBQ brisket recipe. A little salt, garlic, and pepper can go a long way to making this barbecue turn out right. Pair with pickles, jalapenos, and bread, and you will have a desirable meal that you will love. Or how about this next dish where the brisket can be paired with nachos. Add some peppers, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and chips, and you will be good to go! Lastly, try out the Mexican brisket. With ingredients like beef broth, a poblano chile, cilantro, a yellow onion, and bay leaves among other things, your brisket will be a success with other Mexican pairings like tortillas, rice, etc.

Finding brisket is not hard to do at a local grocery store, but it will cost you considerably more than that of another meat option. Granted, it is well-worth your hard-earned money and the time it takes to cook it appropriately, but this must be stated as you prepare for your summer barbecuing. Nevertheless, consider BBQ brisket as your #1 barbecuing option next time you make a meal. You may never cook anything else again.

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