Why Do BBQ Chicken Wings Taste So Good?

There is really nothing better in this world than a little BBQ to get the party started right. If people bring BBQ chicken wings, then the party goes crazy with excitement. Why does this happen? Can it be explained? Some say it is because of the amazing ratio of skin to meat, but others like it because the flavors make our mouth’s drool. Ultimately, the truth is BBQ chicken wings taste so good because they are still relatively new to the world we live in today.

History of the Chicken Wing

Though chicken has been consumed for generations, the chicken wing did not hit restaurants until the early 1960s. A family-owned business, by the name of Anchor Bar, created this heavenly treat, in 1964, and served it with celery and blue cheese as a flavorsome side dish. Humorously enough, the bar did not mean to make them a big hit to the public. They had actually ordered too many wings and had to do something to sell them all before they went bad. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, there is a Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York that attracts almost 100,000 people over two days. The festival claims to prepare over 25 tons of chicken wings to eat, and they are all consumed by the end of the weekend. Even the competitive chicken wing eating contest brings in 20,000 people to participate. People like chicken wings. That much is true, but why do people like the taste?

Ingredients for Wings

BBQ chicken wings taste so good because they are packed with wonderful ingredients that make the mouth water. Many recipes call for salt, sugar, garlic powder, pepper, cayenne, and paprika all rubbed onto the wings before they are even cooked, during the prepping process. To keep the rub on the meat, people use cooking spray, mustard, ketchup, white wine, and other substances that help keep the meat moist. For the sauce, barbecue is essential to making chicken wings turn out right. Also, other components are added such as butter, honey, and hot sauce to name a few. When these ingredients are cooked together, BBQ chicken wings are hard to beat.

Terrific Taste

The taste of BBQ chicken wings has a lot to do with the cooking process. In less than an hour, you can have a plate full of mouthwatering BBQ chicken wings for you to enjoy for yourself or for you to share with others. This is the kind of vibe that major chicken wing businesses, like Buffalo Wild Wings, want from chicken wing eaters. They want a communal place to enjoy good food and beverages with friends while watching sports. Nothing is better than sharing a great sporting highlight with the ones you love while chomping down on some BBQ chicken wings. With the dry rub and the moist sauce compounding together, BBQ chicken wings are enjoyable, thought-out, and delicious.

Different Recipe Types

Below is a list of different varieties when it comes to BBQ chicken wings.

  • BBQ Chicken Wings with Brown Sugar – If you are looking for some wings that are sweet and savory, then make these wings at your own leisure. Add a little Sriracha and you will have some spice, too.
  • Bleu Cheese BBQ Chicken Wings – Not everyone takes a liking to bleu cheese, but if you do, then this next concoction is for you. Add some bleu cheese crumbles to the BBQ Chicken Wing sauce and you will enjoy a nice kick to your taste buds.
  • Honey BBQ Wings – Everyone likes a little honey in their BBQ. If you do not, then this next recipe might change your mind altogether. Mix in honey and hot sauce to the BBQ sauce, and you will start to see what we mean, by this dish is delectable.
  • Cheese-Filled BBQ Wings – Alright, we all love BBQ Chicken Wings. That’s already a fact, but when you add cheese, they might be even better. People probably just gasped because of that comment, but it may actually be true. You can really just add any type of cheese you want, but cheddar cheese might be to die for.
  • Hawaiian BBQ Wings – Adding a little Hawaii to any chicken wing dish makes it all tastier. By cutting up some pineapple, you can serve it on the side, or place chunks in the sauce. With a little soy sauce, you might feel like you need a hula skirt when grilling.
  • Herb BBQ Chicken Wings – Looking for an all-natural taste? With herbs and BBQ, your chicken wings will be ready to consume. An herb marinade is one that can easily be morphed together. Put rosemary, oregano, and garlic together, and you will see what we mean.
  • Bacon BBQ Chicken Wings – Yes, these do exist. Some might say these wings are a heart attack waiting to happen, but if you limit this recipe to a couple times a year, you should be good. The hard thing will be living up to that plan. These wings are that good! Wrap your wings in bacon, whip up some bourbon sauce, cook to perfection, and it will be time to eat.
  • BBQ Balsamic Wings – Balsamic really goes well with almost anything. The same can be said with these wings. By mixing together balsamic vinegar, ketchup, brown sugar, and a few other ingredients, you will be well on your way to having some of the best BBQ chicken wings your body has ever consumed in your life.

There are many recipes for BBQ chicken wings that you can scour for on the Internet or by calling a relative and getting the secret recipe, but get creative on your own, too. Use a few spices and sauce options, and see what you can come up with. You might even surprise yourself! Some of the best recipes for BBQ chicken wings were an accident, and that accident can become your greatest creation. Good luck and have fun barbecuing your chicken wings.

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