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Why It’s in the Spices and Meat Rubs

Why It’s in the Spices and Meat Rubs

People miss out on a lot of flavor when they do not use spices and meat rubs for their barbecue. Some think that salt and pepper is enough, but that is not always the case. Having the right spices for a meat rub is the difference between success and failure in the barbecue world. Consider these tips below to get you started right.

Wet vs. Dry Rubs

Before we get into the depth of how to create flavor in a rub, let’s talk about the types of rubs. There are wet and dry rubs to enjoy on your BBQ. Wet rubs are perfect when slow cooking meat like pork chops, ribs, and chicken. Also, vegetables can garner great success at your BBQ when using a wet rub. The more vegetables that you have to grill, the better your wet rub will be able to work. When talking about ingredients for a wet rub, some of the best include: tomato sauce, butter that is melted, and even fruit juice. These ingredients already are moist as soon as they come out of their container, so finding components that have this kind of texture are best. Wet rubs definitely seem to be used more because of the way that people crave their taste. There is nothing better, for a lot of people, than licking your fingers after you have consumed a yummy BBQ, and the sauce is still on your fingers to enjoy. Now, some being prim and proper will use a napkin to get rid of the excess, but others will enjoy every drop of that rub. There is nothing immodest or uncleanly about it. Enjoying every part of the BBQ as a real art.

On the other hand, we have dry rubs. Without any added moisture, these ingredients offer a great crust to any BBQ. When using a dry rub, food will definitely cook quicker than when using a wet rub. Specifically, dry rubs are great when having a BBQ with chicken and/or shrimp. Other great ingredients to use in a dry rub include lemon zest, thyme, and coriander. However, any base of a dry rub needs to have paprika because it should be the core of all dry rubs. Then, make sure to include a total of 5 to 10 ingredients to make your dry rub great. Do not be afraid to try new ingredients when barbecuing. You might be surprised with the way that can create tasty dry rubs with little or no experience. These kind of rubs are perfect if you are looking for little clean-up, but still a great BBQ flavor. Furthermore, these rubs produce a great essence that is timeless over and over again. It may be difficult to steer away from new rubs after you have found the perfect one to use when barbecuing, but don’t stick to just one. It will be well-worth broadening your horizons.

 Ways to Create Flavor

There are many ways to enhance the flavor of meat when barbecuing. Let’s start with spicy. Adding any hot pepper to a BBQ can create excitement with a dish. Of course, black pepper is a traditional spice, but consider using chipotle. Furthermore, try ginger or mustard powder that add a kick to any BBQ. Next, work with savory spices. These herbs bring out BBQ flavors like never before. This could include garlic, which uses amino acids to bring out the goodness of a BBQ. Use sugar next to propel you BBQ to the next level. Sugar is actually a great way to help brown your meat. This is actually the way that people make great Baby Back Ribs. Do not be a penny pincher with sugar. The more the merrier helps make your barbecue succulent and delicious.

BBQ Rub Ingredients

One idea, when adding a meat rub to your barbecue, is to use mustard to hold your spices to the meat. This will not create a mustardy flavor, but rather help in the cooking process. Next, mix these ingredients together for your rub that include some of the ingredients mentioned earlier: cayenne pepper, brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder, chili powder, and garlic powder. Let the ingredients soak overnight on the meat, so you will be ready to grill or smoke the next day. If smoking your barbecue, cook for 12 hours at 250 degree Fahrenheit. On the other hand, if you are looking to grill, your meat will be done in the hour, if cooked at a hotter temperature.

Keep Away from Salt

Many people put salt in their rubs thinking that is great for the meat, but nothing could be further from the truth. Salt may access slightly into the meat, but it will not go further than an eighth of an inch deep. Specifically, do not pair bacon or ham with salt. Instead, use some of the ingredients mentioned earlier to help with the rub. The only time salt should be used is when you have an injecting device that can place salt within the meat. Then, it will add to the flavoring. However, when salt is placed on the outside, it is not very helpful.

Oil v. Water Rubs

After you have decided on the ingredients for your rub, next you will have to decide what you will use to moisten the meat. As stated earlier, mustard can be used, but ketchup, white wine, water, and oil are all ways to help the rub stick to the meat you choose. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of these moistening ideas, but it really has to do more with you and your preference.


Now that you know more about rubs, start to put together your creation. The fun thing about rubs is that you get to imaginatively put together a masterpiece for your meat. Do not worry about getting messy or messing up. By creating your own rub, wet or dry, you will be proud of your barbecuing. Good luck on your barbecuing!


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