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Why We All Love Amazing Ribs

Why is it that the human body just craves the taste of ribs? Is it the visual reaction that people have as they see the savory sauce drip off the meat? Is it the smell of the ribs after they have been smoked or grilled for hours? Or is it the brain’s reaction to food in general? It really has to do with all the above and more. This is why the major chain-restaurant, Chili’s, has made a name for themselves. Their ribs set them apart from many of their competitors, and people come back over and over to consume their product. Let us dive into the subject more, as we talk about succulent ribs.

The Human Body

From the day humans were created to now, we were created eat meat to help with our nutrition. It is biologically programmed within us. Even though some people are vegetarians and vegans, they still look for ways to get the protein that meat would provide for them. The brain yearns for nutrients on a daily basis, and that is where your eyes, nose, and stomach get involved to want meat just as much as the brain does.

Different Types of Pork Ribs

It is important to know what kind of pork ribs you are preparing. From a pig, you can get pork loin ribs (country-style), pork spare ribs, pork loin (back ribs), brisket bone (rib tip), port spareribs (Saint Louis style), and flat bone (button ribs). With so many ribs to choose from, where do you even begin? Well, if you like baby back ribs, then pork loin ribs are for you. You can barbecue as little as 8 ribs at a time up to 14. Spare ribs have a little more of the rib section, but will also include cartilage and pieces of the diaphragm. If you only want a portion of the spare ribs, then the Saint Louis style ribs are the ones you want to barbecue. If you like ribs, but would rather have a meat covering over the ribs, then consider the flat bone. With so many options, you may want to try them all.

Additionally, you can tell what kind of ribs you are getting by looking at the bone itself. If the bone is curved, then you are working with a loin back rib. These ribs have a rounded end at the completion of the bone. However, if the bone is straighter, then you are barbecuing with Saint Louis ribs. At the end of the bone, for Saint Louise ribs, there is white cartilage.

Outside of pork ribs, there are also lamb and beef ribs. Lamb ribs contain at least seven ribs in a rack. One benefit of lamb ribs is the fact that the meat is leaner than your other choices. Beef ribs are the other variety. These 7 rack ribs are perfect for Prime Rib. No matter the ribs you use, make sure you have the appropriate grade of meat for your barbecue.

Grading Your Ribs

Did you know that ribs can be graded? They are graded by the gender of the pig and how big the animal is. Here is how the breakdown works (from biggest to smallest):

Boar – A male that weighs at least 1,000 pounds

Stag – A male that weighs 700 pounds.

Sow – A female that ranges between 300-700 pounds

Gilt – A female that is butchered

Barrow – A male that is butchered

Butcher Hog – A male or female that ranges between 195-320 pounds

Diversity of Flavors

People also like ribs because of the flavorings added to the meat. Not all rubs are the same, and people can make ones that are spicy, savory, sweet, and salty. This creates so many opportunities to try ribs where they have never had the same rub before. This keeps people coming back again and again for more. All over the nation, you can find ribs to fill you up right. Additionally, it does not take very long to put together a good rub with spices for a rack of ribs. Many people even make a big amount of the rub, so they can use the same spices time after time.

Ribs Are All About Love

When someone has you over for ribs, they are telling you that they love you. Sure, maybe not directly to your face the words “I love you,” but they are showing countless hours of love as they prepare ribs for you. The process can take hours, depending if you smoke or grill, so the practice really is deep-seated with care and passion when preparing and cooking a barbecue. Furthermore, ribs cost a lot of money to purchase from a local market, so, for some, this means they have to budget to purchase ribs for special occasions. This is another reason why people love ribs. It is usually a treat that people do not have all the time. The treat of ribs is something that people yearn for whenever they can get their hands full of finger-licking goodness.

Summer Cooking

Usually, when cooking ribs, it revolves around great summer pastimes like country music, sunshine, sporting events, getting into the swimming pool, and holding a cool beverage all surrounded by those you love. There is no better pairing with everything that the summertime has to offer than with a full rack of ribs with a savory rub to boot. Yes, you will probably get messy from the ribs, but even that problem is a little easier to bear in the summer months of the year.

In the end, people like ribs because humans were meant to eat meat. Also, we all like meat because there are so many kinds of ribs to try over and over again. So, get started making your own ribs or try someone else’s. No matter where you get your rib fix, the tastiness will ensue. Either way, you will not get enough ribs, and that is why we all love flavorful ribs.

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